Monday, September 19, 2016

New Investigators 9/19/16

     So this week was pretty exciting! We saw a house burn down (if you want to look that up btw).
     At the flea market I got a new hat. It reminded me of my Scheels hat and I fell in love with it. 
    Tell April and Grandpa that I say happy birthday and save me some cake, haha.
    We have a couple new investigators so that's pretty exciting. On Wednesday, we were talking to this older lady and I thought she was a member (I still don't understand when natives speak spanish). I asked her if she had a Book of Mormon and she said no so I tried to give her one after what I thought was a pretty good testimony. She got really confused and my companion had to swoop in and teach her the restoration so that was a little awkward but she accepted it!
    We are doing super well here. If you ever feel like sending my work boots and a cook book It wouldn't be inconvenient, but whatever. I love you and miss you all!

Elder Robins​

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