Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The One in Lodi 1/22/18

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty great. I got transferred to Lodi but the area is super cool and the branch is awesome. One of the departing missionaries gave me his guitar which was pretty awesome (he tried to sell it to me for like forty bucks a month ago but I wouldn't do it because I knew he would eventually give me a better price). Our apartment is super nice and this is by far the nicest area I have served in. There are bunch of wineries and vineyards here.

While we were eating dinner with a family the other day (we were eating tamales, just so you know), and the 8 year old kid in the family wanted to show us how strong he was so he got our attention and did 40 pushups! Pretty impressive, and then started doing jumping jacks and then to top it off, rips his shirt off and flexes. Haha it was pretty entertaining.

Love you all! Have a great week!

The One Where I Put Tacos in My Pocket 1/15/18

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty busy. We went on exchanges with our district leader and the other companionship had to go fill the baptismal font for a baptism that was taking place that night. The missionaries were assured that someone was going to be there soon after they had to leave but later on, during dinner, they got a phone call from someone saying that the font was flooding! Luckily, that person turned the water off, but we raced to the church to clean all the water up before people started to show up. Only a few people realized that the floor was wet so that was good.

Before all that, we were eating dinner together. The lady was making us fried tacos when we got the call. We apologized for having to leave early but that it was an emergency. I noticed that someone left a couple tacos on the table so I picked them up, the other Elder who was watching me said "do it" so I put them in my pocket so the hermana wouldn't get offended.

Last night, we were driving back to our apartment to receive transfer calls and we saw someone get hit by a car! We are fairly certain he is still alive, but that was crazy.

Oh and we got transfer calls last night, I am going up to Lodi after only six weeks in Modesto.

Love you all!!   

Tacos 1/8/18


So this week I went on exchanges with my district leader, He's a pretty cool guy we went to his area in Airport, supposedly the most dangerous area in the mission. We knocked on a lot of doors and met a lot of people. One lady that answered proudly affirmed that she joined with the Jehovah's Witnesses about 3 years ago. We started to explain what the Book of Mormon is and she seemed really interested. When we finished talking about the Restoration, she asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon!

Later in the week we finally met with Ronnie, our investigator. He was sad he couldn't come to church yesterday but told us about the miracles he was able to see. We talked about baptism and he said he would pray to know if he needed to be baptized the first weekend in February.

On Saturday, we were riding around on our bikes after a lesson and just happened, by chance, to run into some members that own a taco shop. We hadn't eaten yet so we talked to them about food and they offered to feed us.  We asked if that was ok because we didn't want to impose and they replied that they were happy to do it. So they blessed us with their tacos, which was awesome, and then we went on our way.

My companion was sick so we just spent a lot of time resting.

Love you all!

The One With the Fireworks 1/1/18


This week was pretty great, we got invited to a New Year's dinner last night where the member (who caters tacos for a living) had us over and made us a bunch of tacos.

Our investigator came to church yesterday.  Before he went the first time, he told us he missed his old church because it started at 12 and ours was too early because we start at 9. When the bishop announced that church would be starting at 12 next year, our investigator sighed and told us he was starting to like the church already. The important thing is that he is going to church.

Last night they asked us to be inside our apartments early because it was New Year's eve and it was unsafe to be outside late at night. We were in our apartment when the fireworks started going off. We heard some yelling come from outside. As we were trying to figure out what the yelling was all about, we heard a massive explosion come from where the yelling was. Car alarms were triggered and when that massive firework had served its purpose, a second was launched. Immediately afterward, we heard some sirens blaring, coming toward our street where what we assumed the illegal fireworks were being launched.

Hope everyone has a great New Year!!!

Love you all!!

The One With the Dog 12/26/17

Hey everyone!

So late one night last week we were trying to contact a family we had met before. We opened the gate, walked to the house, knocked on the door, and a giant husky got up from where it had been sleeping.  We thought we were dead but then the dog started wagging it's tail and we started playing with it. The lady we were trying to contact opened the door and flinched because she thought the dog was attacking us for a second. We stood in the porch with her for a few minutes, playing with the dog, and then set a return appointment for when her husband would be home so we could go inside the house next time.

Our investigator who we have been teaching for the past month finally came to church on Sunday and he loved it! He had a bad experience with a different ward about a year ago but he told us he would like to start going weekly to our church. It was a pretty cool experience.

Christmas was pretty good. My companion and I are trying to eat healthier, which is pretty hard because we have gotten so much junk food the past couple days. I decided to wait until the new year to start eating healthier.

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Love you all!!

Aquello con el spaghetti mexicano 12/18/17


Modesto is great! There is a lot of service projects to do here. We spent all day Tuesday biking around and trying to find a house for a prospective elder. We were riding through rows and rows of suburban houses until we got close to the address... When we finally arrived to where the house should have been, it was just an empty lot! Just a field of dirt between two beautiful houses. We double checked and triple checked and that was definitely the address. So just out of spite we walked around on the empty lot, looking for some trace of a home but there was absolutely nothing. It probably freaked the neighbors out to see two missionaries just walking around on an empty lot.

Later that day we found a lady who was organizing Mary Kay stuff in her garage. We started talking to her for a little bit and ended up teaching her the Restoration. It turns out she was taught by missionaries a long time ago but they stopped coming by. She was really cool and invited us to come by again when her whole family would be home.

Not too much else happened this week. We went to the hospital three times to give blessings to sick members. The ward is doing pretty good.  I have to translate every week during sacrament meeting by speaking into a microphone while some of the members that don't speak Spanish listen to the translation, it’s helping my language.

Early in the week, I made some spaghetti for my companion and myself, but after I started boiling the noodles, I realized that we didn't have any spaghetti sauce. The only sort of red sauce that we had was chorizo, which is a highly seasoned Mexican sausage. So we put the chorizo in a frying pan with a bunch of oil and some water and let that cook until the noodles were ready. One of us offered a pretty sincere prayer, asking that we would receive nutrition from our food, looked at each other, and took a hesitant, small bite. The Mexican spaghetti was amazing! I'm not sure what I did but it turned out very well.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas! ¡Les quiero todos!

The One With the Jehovah's Witness 12/11/17

Hey everyone!

So this week we went knocking doors in a small town called Salida.  Most of the doors we knocked on opened and almost everyone had a laughable excuse as to why they would not like to hear a message about how we can be happy, have the Lord in our lives and how He loves us.

I don't want to sound like I am making fun of any of these good people, but sometimes we as missionaries are just a little smarter than our outward appearance may imply. We knocked on one lady's door, talked to her for a little bit about the Christmas decorations that flooded her front yard, and asked her if she would be willing to pull up a video called “Light the World” on her phone. She hesitated for a bit, and then as if the life size Santa Claus balloon in her front yard gave her the inspiration for a good excuse, asserted that she was a Jehovah's Witness, and that she respects all religions and just wanted hers to be respected as well. She didn't give us a chance to speak back as she closed the door.

Later in the week, we were able to find a new investigator who the english elders gave us.  He's a really cool guy and has a lot of really sincere questions. We are excited to be working with him for the next little bit.

The new area's great! The ward is awesome and the Bishop is fantastic. I already really miss Stockton but Modesto is pretty cool. Not as much work here but that means I just have to work a little harder. I know it's the Lord's will so I'm happy to do it.

Love you all!!