Monday, August 29, 2016

Arrived in Modesto 8/29/16

     I made it in Modesto and its pretty cool here.  They took us to the lower income area to proselyte and we gave a Book of Mormon to this guy and he promised he would read it! and it was all in Spanish!! 

     Sorry I don't have too much time but today is weird so I will send a full email next week. The Gladwell's sent me a letter each and I loved it. Grandma sent donuts which was pretty great. I had to dry clean a tie because I got doughnut custard all over it.

     I really feel the spirit here and I cant wait to start really being a missionary. By the way my nickname in my old district was 'el gringo puro' which means 'the pure gringo'. I said the closing prayer at a devotional with about 2600 people in it and I got a new haircut... which was weird to be honest. Anyway I love you all and miss you and tell the family I said Hola. I guess I meet my trainer tomorrow, I hope he can keep up! 

 I love you and miss you,


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