Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The MTC Companions 8/15/16

Hey Everyone!!

I miss you all. I'm having a great time at the MTC. My companions name is Elder Joseph Resek. He's a goofy fellow but I love him already and he's a great companion and is teaching me about the gospel and Spanish language. He is going to Everet Washington (his parents are from Argentina). The other elders in my district are Elders Budding (from Argentina/ Provo) and he went to school with Josh!! He Elder Ricks is from North Carolina and is also my roomate He and Elder Budding are going to Long Beach. Elder Guerrero is our District leader and he grew up in Idaho and is going to Arizona, his two companions are Elder Perkins from Virginia (He's going to Saint George) and Elder Hooch (from West Jordan going to Knoxsville, Tennessee). The other Elders in our district are Elder Morales Sanches (from LA) and Elder Eaton (from Mesa Arizona) and they are going to Boston. Our district is very diverse and we all speak Spanish a little differently but we all feel the spirit so strong and the few gringos are really being helped with the Gift of tongues. The food is alright, the classes are long, but i have absolutely no regrets about deciding to serve a mission and serve the Lord. I have a stronger testimony now than any time in my life that the Lord loves us and miracles happen every day.

con amor,

Elder Robins

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