Sunday, January 29, 2017

Rain, Rain, and Setting the Stage 1/16/17

Hey everyone! So pretty much all of this week has been rainy; and by that I mean really rainy. It was pretty fun because we decided it wasn't safe to ride our bikes outside so we went street contacting all week. Haha it was interesting because probably half the people we talked to talked about the end of the world! My companion and I spent most of our time on the outskirts of downtown, which is pretty much Little Mexico. I think the only people we talked to in English were the other missionaries in our area! We had a really good lesson with a less active family and we had a really good discussion on the Atonement. We were talking with the 19 year old son they have and he told us he would consider going on a mission! Still no baptisms but I feel like we are setting the stage for something awesome to happen in Stockton.

We were walking back to our car one night and this guy came up to us and said, "Wow, you Mormons aren't afraid to die, are you?" That kind of freaked us out but he told us that he used to take the lessons and that he was praying for us. Haha, getting approached like that at night usually doesn't end up that friendly. We talked to a lot of people this week who just wanted us to know that they like what we stand for. Stockton is dangerous but I feel like the strangers are nicer to me here than back at home!

Oh so yesterday at church, we saw a few less active members come and then my trainer walked through the door! He finished his mission a couple months ago so he showed up wearing a beard, Harley-Davidson  jacket and biker boots... Haha kind of a shock!

Anyway, hope you all have a great week!  

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