Sunday, January 29, 2017

The one with the Missing Taco Truck 1/2/17

Hey everyone! This week was just a little crazy. We got transfer calls last night and Elder Nelson and I are staying in Stockton- by the time we get out, we will be straight "G"'s (G meaning Gospel Preachers of course). We're actually really excited because the missionary work is picking up! We had an investigator go to church with us yesterday and he told us that he wants to repent of his sins and be baptized! We're just working on him giving up smoking so hopefully this transfer. They are moving us to a new apartment complex which is pretty exciting... not complaining but the last one was really nice. This week our ward called a lady to set dinner appointments for us and she's awesome... probably going to be one of our favorite ward members.

New Year's eve was also interesting. That morning we did service for a member putting drywall in his living room. We finished with him telling us "Elders, algo que quieren aprovechalo" which is  "anything you want, take advantage and take it". He was super nice. He told us this really cool story of when he served his mission, they called him to open a new area as a single district leader and training a g├╝ero (Spanish for a white blond person; also my nickname). Haha I thought I had it hard! Anyway, that night, the assistants texted us and told us that we had to be in our apartments by 7 because of how festive New Year's gets. Before we went in we decided we wanted lonchera (taco truck) and we went to our normal spot, and it was gone! So we went to our next favorite spot, and the one after that, and they were all gone. After six taco truck spots we couldn't find any! So we had to go back and eat tamales at the  apartment.

Anyway, hope you all had a great New Years!

Les Quierdo!

Stockton, California at night

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