Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Miguel's Baptism 4/17/17

Hey everyone!!

So last Monday we went over to teach Miguel after a lot of prayer and study and the lesson went incredible! The Spirit was really strong and he got really excited to be baptized on Saturday!

The baptism itself was pretty interesting. The first problem that happened was that Miguel's baptism clothes were too tight. We rushed and found some bigger ones, right as it was supposed to start. Nobody else showed up until 20 minutes after it was supposed to start, including the bishop. The sister of our investigator was being baptized first and slipped the first two times so it didn't count and the third time she decided she didn't want to do it. So our ward mission leader decided to throw baptism clothes on baptize and her himself! She agreed to do it but didn't want anyone to watch so we closed the doors and had the witnesses watch from the other side! It was valid but didn't go exactly according to plan but it was pretty good nonetheless.

Last night for Easter, the ward member who had us over for Christmas invited us over for Easter dinner. Last time we ate dinner with their family, his daughter's hair caught on fire but this time we spent like an hour putting a bike rack on her car while it was raining. They told us that the sister missionaries were on their way to dinner But we had to tell them that Elders and Sisters are not allowed to eat together in this mission so we had to scarf our food down and rush everything, but he gave us each a pie.  They also gave us easter gifts, he's really awesome.

My companion and I are collecting souvenirs to send home. I'm looking for a "Straight Outta Stockton" t-shirt so when I find them I'll send them.

Hope everybody had a great Easter, love you all!

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