Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The One With the Jehovah's Witness 4/10/17

Hey everyone!

So while my companion and I were studying there was a knock at our door. We opened it and it was a Jehovah's Witness!! He introduced himself and gave us a flyer telling us that we were invited to go to their kingdom hall to celebrate the Savior's death. I told him that we actually belong to another church and he said "Oh yeah, and what church is that?" so I said "We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and if you have a few moments we would love to tell you a little bit about what we believe". He didn't seem too interested in hearing from us, asked for the flyer back, and just about ran off! We now keep a stack of Books of Mormon by the front door.

We went on exchanges with our district leader and I got to go with his companion, who we discovered also has ADHD. Haha we spent most of the exchange trying to figure out where we were but we had a really fun time.

Earlier this week, we taught our 10 year old investigator and at the end of the lesson we asked him if he was excited to get baptized and he responded by saying no. We spent the rest of the week preparing for our next lesson with him on Saturday and praying for him and when we had the lesson, he seemed different. He listened more intently, asked a lot of really good questions and when we asked him if he was excited to get baptized, he told us he knew he needed to, and wanted to; but just didn't feel ready. We told him to read 3 Nephi 11 with his mom and pray about whether he should be baptized or not. He promised to do that and we are following up tonight, so we'll see.

Love you all! have a great week! watch Prince of Peace!

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