Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Almost Got...Haha Um... 4/3/17

Hey everyone!

So this week, while my companion and I were riding past downtown to get to our dinner appointment and a lady called us over from across the street. We decided to come over, eager to give out some of the brand-new pass along cards for Prince of Peace. We saw that she had a bottle in one hand so we were a little cautious and when I got within what the Boy Scouts call the "Blood Circle", she threw an arm around me and tried to kiss me! She was maybe 50 years old and drunk so not really my type. She wouldn't let go so I jerked back, out of her death grip and my companion and I took off! We still try and avoid that street.

A few nights later we were teaching one of our investigators who is a really cool guy. He races cars to pass the time and is a mechanic. When we were teaching him, he told us that he really wanted to know about the end of the world, so we told him about the book of Revelations and some passages in the Book of Mormon and D&C. We took his mom's Bible off the counter and flipped open to the book of Revelations and right there, marking the page, was a pass along card with Jesus on it. The last set of missionaries to teach him weren't here when that type of card came out. And we didn't put it there, so he got pretty freaked out- but set a return appointment.

Conference was fantastic!
The talk that really stuck with me was the conversion story of the guy from Argentina, Joaquin E. Costa of the seventy. And they quoted Elder McConkie! Some of my favorite talks were given by him (He's up there with Hugh B. Brown and William R. Bradford). If any of you have not seen Conference or the Prince of Peace video, I would highly recommend it.

 This is Hermano Bernal, our assistant Ward Mission Leader
He fed us enchiladas last night, there were two more pans that we had to eat

And an angry hissing duck

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