Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The One With El Accidente De Bici 3/27/17


So this week we taught a couple really cool lessons, and set a baptismal date for one of our investigators... our goal is to see him and his dad baptized and his mom reactivated so we'll see where this trip takes us.

When we were riding back from a lesson on Friday, we rode over some railroad tracks that I didn't see (because it was dark and raining) and my front tire caught and I flew off my bike! My companion tried to help me up and we went back to the apartment. Apparently it looked pretty awesome.

The night before that, we ate dinner with some members at an all-you-can eat sushi buffet place. We weighed ourselves before the trip and after- we gained an average of five pounds! Just on sushi!

Last night we went through all our plans too fast and ended up being done by 8:00 (curfew is 9) and we felt really prompted to say a prayer. We prayed about who to visit and my companion felt really inspired to visit a family that didn't have time for missionaries since I arrived to Stockton. We figured we might as well so we went to their house and knocked on the door and they answered for the first time in months. They invited us in and we had a fantastic lesson! One of the kids described perfectly what it felt like to feel the Holy Ghost when he was telling us about when he prayed about the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was super strong and we set a return appointment for later this week when the whole family has time!

Also we got transfer calls again- Staying in Stockton with Elder Nelson! I'm actually super excited about it.  There are now going to be nine missionaries serving in the spanish ward here. Stockton has the highest amount of hispanics in the mission and we are finally starting to see success here. The sister missionaries just had three baptisms and we have an investigator who will be baptized right after Easter and the people are really opening up.Looks like we have a lot of work to do. And it is starting to get warmer (I got sunburnt the other day!)

Love you guys!

A guy kept coming up to our street and spinning circles over and over

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