Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The One Where We Repent 3/6/17

Hey everyone! This week we had a zone conference up in Lodi where the theme was repentance. To prepare for the conference they asked us to study repentance in Mosiah 4 through Alma 5, amongst other things. Our mission president led a really good conference where we focused on repentance and how to teach other people how to repent. We did some role plays and some testimonies were shared. The Spirit was really strong and we learned a lot.

The next day, we and the English elders helped this lady move out of her house. Every room had a tray for cat litter, and articles were tossed and unorganized everywhere. The lady insisted on complaining about our rule where we can't go into a house if there's not a man in the house, claiming that "this isn't what she signed up for". Haha needless to say, nobody was thrilled about the situation. The cat loved my companion but hissed at me every time I saw it. One time, when we moved the table out of a room, we had to clear all the junk that was on it, which also had a nice, thin coat of cat litter. I guess some people feel more joy than others when doing service.

So my companion's birthday was on Friday. We had a member whose birthday was the next day, invite us over for his birthday fiesta. We smelled the party before we got there. Right in the front yard they had a grill made out of like a 50 gallon barrel going with asada, pollo mexicano, and a whole bunch of other good stuff cooking. They were so determined to feed us to death that they nearly did the job. At that moment they started Mariachi karaoke and sung happy birthday to my companion! It was a great night.

The weather is finally starting to clear up and I want to get some pictures of Stockton because I could get transferred in three weeks. There's some really cool graffiti that I want to get some pictures of, and some landmarks. I love the fresh fruit here. I think getting used to the produce in Utah will be one of the hardest things when I get home. We get a lot of fruit that people just pluck out of their yards and give to us, the oranges and avocados are fantastic! If it makes you feel better I eat more healthy here than I did at home.

Love you all! Have a great week

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