Saturday, March 4, 2017

Esperame!! 2/27/17

Hey everyone!

So we had some pretty interesting stuff happen this week. Since there is a new companionship of Elders with us in our area, we had to cram all of our dinners with four sets of missionaries.

We went to the southernmost part of Stockton to try and find former investigators and one of the guys we met said he would love for us to teach him. When we left and were walking away, the grandma came out shouting “¡Esperame!” which means "wait!" We were a little disappointed because that is usually when the protective Catholic parent tells the missionaries not to come back. She approached us and asked us... to teach her 7 year-old grandson! We gladly said yes and scheduled a return appointment.

While we were visiting a prospective Elder, he was telling us about his crazy life before he was baptized. My companion and I have been praying a lot about what we could do to help him get the priesthood and become an Elder and we haven't been getting an answer. When we visited him and were talking about it, he told us in passing that he would occasionally smoke or drink, "but for the most part he was good". We told our ward mission leader and he laughed (probably out of astonishment) and told us he would start working with the Bishop on it. That pretty much answered our question as to why we didn't feel right about any date we set for him!

Anyway, that's about it for this week. Spring is starting to hit so it looks beautiful outside (and my missionary collar tan looks pretty good).

Have a great week!

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