Saturday, March 4, 2017

The One With Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes 2/20/17

Last Tuesday, a new set of Spanish Elders were called to reign South Stockton with us! One is from Utah and came in with me and my companion, making three new white Spanish-speaking Elders in Stockton.  And the Elder he is training is from Texas (but his parents are from Argentina), so the amount of native speakers in our zone is now three!

We did a lot of street contacting this week, and gave a blessing to a member with chicken pox.  We also almost got run over by a lady who saw us on our bikes and decided to pull over to talk to the missionaries! She's an investigator now so it's ok. We were planning on visiting our investigators from Honduras and having them really commit to being baptized, but we had to rescue some of the English Elders who didn't have a car. So we asked the other Elders to visit them and they ended up setting a baptismal date!! We are super excited for them!
We had a member take us out to dinner the other day at a super authentic Mexican place (El Pollo Loco). This member is from Oaxaca, which is a state in Mexico where the people are a little... darker. Anyway we were eating and he was telling us about how he just shaved his head- more exciting than it sounds- and this guy walked by and said to his friend, "Why are those white guys talking to that black guy?" Haha, it made things a little awkward for him because all three of us looked at him and his face turned completely red!

This morning we had to drive an hour for a check-up at the doctor's office and we passed by fields of apricot trees so we started singing "Popcorn Popping," in the rain. We looked like straight G's.

Love you all!

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