Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lots of Potential Investigators 3/13/17

Hey everyone,

This week, while we were contacting on Tuesday, a guy comes out and starts to talk to us about what we believe. His shirt and tattoos told us he was part of one of the bigger gangs in Stockton; he swore up and down that he'd read the Book of Mormon and kept asking us really obscure questions... it was pretty obvious that he got all his material from the internet so we were about to leave and then he started telling us stories about how he blew up cars and stuff like that so we listened to some of his stories and then left. The next day we were street contacting and I asked a lady if she had heard of Joseph Smith and faster than lightning she whips a Bible out of nowhere and starts to read scriptures out of it... I don't think she was super interested.

The night after that, we were walking from dinner to an investigator's house. It was dark outside and we were in one of the rougher parts of the city when this guy out of nowhere warns us that no good can come out of being in that part of town and it's not safe. A block further down than that, we met this guy and I felt prompted to start talking to him in Spanish. I did and he gave us a time on Saturday to come by. His name is Juan and when we met up with him on Saturday he told us he used to be taught by missionaries and how he missed what he was taught before. He seemed really interested in hearing from us again so we are going to visit him this week! We met some more potential investigators who really seem to have a lot of potential.

A couple weeks ago, Elder Nelson and I felt prompted to give our progressing investigators, Ruby and Nelson, to the other Elders. The other Elders committed them to getting married and baptized in the next couple weeks! And Roberto, our former investigator who dropped us a week before his baptism, called us and is now being taught by the missionaries again! (He's in the sister's area).

Love you all, have a great week!

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