Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The One With the Long Lost Friend 3/20/17

Hey everyone!

So a little excitement this week, we met a lady on the street last week and she gave us a time to come back and we did with a member and the lesson went terrible! She didn't seem interested. But we felt prompted to go again so we went again with the same member. This time her daughter answered (She's about 25) so we taught her a lesson because the mom was sick, and the lesson went a little better. We set a return appointment and our member told us he couldn't go. While preparing for the lesson, we felt really impressed to take a member with us to teach so we asked the other ward mission counselor to teach with us. This time, the mom, daughter and her boyfriend answered the door. The boyfriend was super interested and then our member walks in... The husband of the mom and the long-lost friend of the member we felt prompted to take with us! They lost contact like seven years ago, before the member was baptized. It was super cool!

We went to the church early on Saturday to fill the baptismal font because there was a baptism and when I was cleaning the water, I slipped, caught myself, but slipped again and my foot landed in the water! So during the entire baptism my leg was soaked and just when it couldn't get better, Elder Jones, my trainer (who finished his mission last November) walks in!

Que tengan buena semana!

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