Thursday, July 27, 2017

By faith all things are fulfilled 6/26/17

Hello everyone!

Last week went by pretty slow, we just had a lot of meetings and tried to get lessons with people. We had a lesson with some of our investigators on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed them to pray about it. It was a really short lesson so we're going to catch up later this week.

We also felt like we should stop by one of our eternal investigators. An older couple from Mexico that we haven't been able to teach for a long time. We walked over to them in the backyard of their trailer and they invited us in. The husband greeted us with probably the most awkward hug I have ever received in my life. He told us he saw us when we were biking the other day when it was 105 degrees outside and told us we must really believe what we teach to be out in weather like that. Especially when few people are likely to open their doors. We told him we were happy to see him and when we asked to share a message, we felt prompted to testify of the Book of Mormon. We went through a little background of the Book of Mormon and explained how it helps us understand doctrine. Undoubtedly, they have received this lesson many times from many missionaries, but this time it felt different for all of us. We felt the Spirit working with us and they apologized for not taking their commitments seriously in the past. They then committed to read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon every day for the next week. It's really amazing how the Spirit helps people understand what we are trying to teach.

Just another quick story from this last week. My companion and I have been talking a lot about tender mercies for the past few weeks. Little demonstrations that the Lord loves both of us, and knows our hearts, thoughts and desires. Through my childish and hyperactive imagination, I compared tender mercies to a giraffe. When we stopped by the Bishop's house later that night, right next to a picture of the Savior in his house, we saw a statue of a giraffe that neither of us have noticed before. We of course talked about tender mercies with the Bishop and on the way out, next to the door, is an even bigger statue of a giraffe that for that family was just a nice decoration, but for me was a sign that the Lord both loves me and knows my thoughts- enough to send a small message that meant a lot to me. This example seems insignificant, or even coincidental, but it just added to my testimony that the Lord and his work is very real.

Love you all, have a great week!!

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