Thursday, July 27, 2017

The One With the Lamb Tacos 6/19/17

Good morning!

This week has probably been the hottest of my mission. I think it hit under 90 a few times at night but for the most part it hovers around 100 degrees this time of year. My companion and I walked a lot, which was pretty cool because a lot of people offered us water. One guy pulled over and actually asked if we were crazy. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week, which is always really fun. The Elder I was with went with me to dinner and a couple appointments. He doesn't speak any Spanish so when we shared messages I had to translate his testimony when I asked him to give it. It was really interesting.

Yesterday we decided to go visit a less active member who lives way out in the rural part of Tracy. The day before we tried to visit him, but when we stopped by, he and his friends were cleaning out a lamb they just killed! Everyone was messy and when we tried to talk to our member he gave us the classic "this is a bad time" look on his face. So we stopped by yesterday and he and the other neighbors in the trailer park were having a party. They invited us in and offered us food. I had never had lamb tacos until yesterday but they were fantastic! We had a really powerful message with him about the tender mercies of the Lord (1 Nephi 1:20).

We got transfer calls last night. It looks like I will remain in Tracy with Elder Gifford as a district leader.

Love you all!

Here's me in a tractor at the less active member's trailer park

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