Thursday, July 27, 2017

The One With the Raccoons 6/12/17


This week we had a chance encounter. We invited some of our investigators to a ward party and it turns out that one of the ladies in our ward is the supervisor of our investigator's supervisor. They sort of recognized each other and are friends now. It was really good to see them go to the party because when they went to sacrament meeting, they had friends to sit with!

We tried to visit one of our investigators yesterday so we went to his trailer and knocked on the door and asked him how he was doing. He was only a little drunk this time but told us he didn't have time because it was cold outside and he didn't want to get his jacket on... We're going to try him when it's a little warmer outside.

When we were going away from a less active member's house we saw something fly across the street. We stopped and were looking around to see where it went, then my companion looked in the rain gutter and found a family of raccoons! Just looking at us. We tried our best raccoon impression to get them closer so we could pet them but it didn't work, but we'll keep practicing.

Not too much else happened this week- we get transfer calls next Sunday so I'll keep you all posted.

Love you all!!

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