Monday, June 12, 2017

Coincidences 6/5/17

Hey everyone!

This week, my companion and I were looking for former investigators. When we knocked on this one door, a lady answered who turned out to be a member that just moved here from Mexico and hasn't been able to find a chapel here. The family that she lives with used to be taught by missionaries about ten years ago and were excited to talk to missionaries again. We only had a 20 minute lesson but the entire family went to church yesterday and they loved it!

In the same complex, we found another member who has not let missionaries in the door in almost a year. They invited us in and we had an incredible lesson. He couldn't come to church because he works two full time jobs (1 picking in the fields and another in a factory), but he is going to try to get work changed so he could come again.

Yesterday, a member came up to us and asked if he could go teaching with us. We told him about one family that lives in a trailer park way out in the empty parts of Tracy. He told us he wanted to still go so we went about twenty minutes outside the city to this trailer park. We knocked on the wrong trailer but the guy answered and invited us in. It turns out he is also a less active member and he was thinking about the missionaries that taught him right when we knocked on the door. He's a really awesome guy and we're going to start working with him a lot more now.

Love you all! Have a great week!

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