Monday, June 12, 2017

The One With the Yelling 5/22/17

Hey everybody!

So this week, my companion and decided to walk to all of our visits because it seemed like a nice day. We started walking and when we got like a mile away from our apartment, it started to get a little warmer. We knocked on the first couple doors without answer and walked to the next neighborhood to try some of the other potential investigators. At the first house we saw some family members playing outside. We started talking to the dad and the only thing he said was "We're Catholic" which I'm pretty sure means "not interested" but we really couldn't tell.

After that, we stopped by this park which had a bathroom and drinking fountain so my companion started to inhale water from the drinking fountain while I used the restroom. I heard some shouting outside and when I got out the door, this huge group of homeless people that wasn't there before were yelling at each other, and when we walked by, they were super nice to us but when we passed they went back to yelling- pretty weird.

My companion's name is Elder Gifford and he's super cool. The new apartment is awesome- two bed two bath and easily twice as big as the last one in Stockton. Tracy's pretty cool- it's a richer area so most of the Hispanic people here are pretty Americanized. It's really just a quiet, calm little town so pretty cool. There's no taco trucks which is a pretty tough adjustment but I think I'm getting used to it. To be honest, I really miss Stockton. I may go back one day, but until then, I'm just going to try and work hard here. The ward's pretty cool. No one in the ward can play the piano so they do all the music off someone's phone.

Love you all! Have a great week!!

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